Jacqueline is a Ph.D. Candidate and Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Applied Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She is passionate about supporting, advocating, and inspiring others to overcome challenges. Her leadership, academic, and research potential have been acknowledged with numerous awards, including a prestigious Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Vanier Scholarship.  Navigating multiple orthopedic surgeries and supporting her mother through her heart health journey motivated her to pursue translational research to promote policy and practices that improve patient outcomes. As a CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Manitoba Chapter Trainee Lead and member of the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance, she promotes the integration of sex and gender in research and clinical practice.  In her spare time, she engages with students, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to increase capacity in the healthcare system to provide meaningful physical activity guidance as a part of care. Jacqueline’s doctoral research focuses on examining sex and gender differences in cardiac rehabilitation outcomes in Manitoba. In the future, she intends to pursue additional training to champion translational research to address disparities in cardiovascular health outcomes.


Beverley is completing a combined Master of Physical Therapy and PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences program at the University of British Columbia where she studies rehabilitation therapies for stroke survivors. Using a neuroimaging approach, her research investigates the mechanisms and neuroanatomy that support motor learning/re-learning during physical rehabilitation using error amplification techniques. This work has the potential to help identify who may benefit from such interventions.


In her roles as both a physiotherapist and neuroscientist, she continues to engage in knowledge translation both clinically and in research. Her most recent activities include supporting clinical education through the mentorship of physiotherapy students in the UBC Department of Physical Therapy as well as facilitating knowledge translation opportunities for local stroke recovery researchers in her current role as Chair of the BC Stroke Network. Beverley also shares her passion for physical activity and science with youth through her volunteerism as a community track and field coach and participation in community science outreach programs.