Our Mission

The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada supports Canadian women who attain the high standards of scholarship, leadership and service to their community to which our Fraternity is committed. Each year, we use the donations we receive from our committed supporters to award scholarships to Canadian women pursuing higher education.


The Past - Our Beginning

The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada was started by a small group of alumnae in Vancouver and Toronto who were committed to philanthropy and wanted to further academic excellence for Canadian women. Since its small beginning, the Foundation has grown to be able to award scholarships in excess of $3,000 each year, a source of great pride to the founders and to the small team of committed volunteers who manage the affairs of the Foundation today.


The Present

A registered charity, the Foundation awards scholarships to Canadian women pursing higher degrees. All applicants who meet the criteria are considered; there is no requirement to be a member of the Fraternity. The Foundation is based in Toronto and overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. In recognition of our national mandate, we have a volunteer Advisory Board across the country. The generosity of our committed donors has enabled us to establish an Endowment Fund that will enable the Foundation to continue to support the academic advancement of Canadian women well into the future.


Your Gift is the Key to Our Success

Donations to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada make these scholarships possible. Your gift is the key! We welcome donations from everyone and encourage you to make a donation today. A Canadian tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 or more, or on request.Donations to the Endowment Fund will be invested for 10 years, helping to ensure that scholarships can continue to be awarded for many years. If you would like your donation to go to the Endowment Fund, please indicate “Endowment Fund” on the donation.


Our Scholarship Recipients

The scholarship recipients are most grateful to all Kappas and friends who believe in and recognize the value and the role that higher education brings. Support through your donation encourages the Ph.D. candidates and assists these remarkable women to achieve their goals. We thank all of you who are supporting and advancing the higher education of Canadian women.


Our Endowment Fund

Any donations to the Endowment Fund are invested for 10 years, ensuring the scholarship is available well into the future. If you would like to designate your donation to the Endowment Fund, please kindly indicate “Endowment” on your donation so we can appropriately allocate the funds. Thank you, your gift is the key to the future! Donations to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada make this scholarship possible.


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1273, 2708 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

M4N 2H0


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